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Rather than renting an apartment or owning a home, many Floridians opt for condominiums or co-ops instead. While they’re a great alternative, they do come with their own set of unique insurance needs.

While you may own your condo, you are also connected to the property’s management association: by law, this association has to have insurance that covers all buildings, commonly owned property, and general liability. So, why would you need a separate condo insurance policy, you ask?

The answer is that the association’s insurance is unlikely to cover you in areas where you would experience the greatest losses: theft of or vandalism to your personal property, natural disaster (water, flood, fire, or other severe weather) damage to your condo’s interior, or someone injuring themselves inside your home could result in thousands of dollars in repairs or reparations, so don’t you want to be absolutely sure you’re protected?

Our agents here at Brevard Insurance know everything there is to know about condo insurance and will help you protect yourself from significant losses: if you own a condo and need insurance, we will set you up at a great rate and with the best service you could ask for. Dial (321) 783-2404 to protect your condo today.

We're ready to help you choose the coverage that is right for you and your condo today.